Sponsored walk for the Farm Animal Sanctary, in memory of Isabel

Final total sponsorship: 2200

"A huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored and supported us on our fundraising walk. Your kindness has affected and given hope to many lives for which we will be forever grateful. You have done us and especially, Isabel proud. Thank you so much." - Gary & Ingrid Taylor

An updated message from Gary:

Ingrid and I managed to complete the walk but it was very hard going at times.

The stretch from Lynmouth to Combe Martin took 10hrs and was the hardest stage!

The weather was OK for most but Thursday was very wet and windy and that day took us over 8hrs.

Some stats from the GPS:

  • 23hrs 20mins on the move at an average speed of 2.8mph giving a total of 65 miles. But the GPS lost the signal for a lot of Monday as we were under thick tree cover and I estimate it lost a further 5 miles or more of tracking. Hence the discrepency with the distances on the SW Coastal Path website.
  • 17hrs 20mins stopped for rests and breathers during climbs.
  • Thus making a total of 40hrs 40mins 'out on the path', at an average of 7hrs a day. Roughly broken down 6hrs,7hrs,10hrs,7hrs,8hrs,& 3hrs.

Ingrid got a couple of blisters on the first day and carried them through to the end with first aid & plasters. She really deserves great praise because on a couple of occassions they became very painfull especially on downhill stretches and she dug very deep to keep going.

So overall a very successful outcome but it was a very hard slog and quite emotional in places as we passed places we had visited with Isabel while on holiday which brought back memories of happier days for us. But we did enjoy doing it as the end goal was a positive one for all the animals at the sanctuary.

Sponsorship pledged is just over the £1000 but we still have some collecting and final totting up to do.

Gary and Ingrid would like to thank all their supporters and sponsors.

If you'd still like to give, it's not too late. See below for the three ways you can donate.

About the walk

Gary and Ingrid Taylor will be attempting to complete a 70 mile stretch of the SW Coastal Path over seven days in early June to raise funds for the Farm Animal Sanctuary in memory of their 16 year old daughter, Isabel, who sadly died in September 2011.

Isabel was a committed Vegan who held very strong beliefs regarding all forms of cruelty to animals. She constantly signed up to and supported all manner of campaigns championed by VIVA and various other animal welfare organisations. Livestock, dairy farming and testing on animals were top of her action list. She took her first steps to active campaigning when she attended, with her best friend Poppy, a protest march in Manchester against the Huntingdon Animal Test laboratory. She was so pleased to have done something tangible and enthused about it for weeks afterwards.

Isabel and Poppy's adoration of animals started early and when they were only 11 they set up a guinea pig sanctuary complete with it's own website, called The Guinea Garden. They soon had as many guineas as they could cope with and it is still going strong today. Testament to their determination and enthusiasm.

Isabel often talked about having her own larger animal sanctuary "like the one on the VIVA website" she would say, but sadly that will now never materialise. So, as a way keeping Isabel's memory and ambition alive Gary and Ingrid are helping to raise funds for the sanctuary. It is just so sad to think that Isabel is not around to help. But she has left an ongoing legacy. She has made her family and close friends much more aware of the cruelty mankind inflicts on all sorts of animals and this has persuaded many to become vegetarians or vegans. And through their awareness they are continuing the good work Isabel started and spreading the word further amongst their wider family and friends.

So, to continue and build upon the positives from Isabel's untimely and sad loss Gary and Ingrid would like to raise as much money for the Farm Animal Sanctuary as possible from their sponsored walk and would respectfully ask for donations, regardless of amount, from anyone who supports the sanctuary.

We leave Minehead Sunday 3rd June and arrive at Barnstaple Fri 8th June 2012, a distance of about 70 miles.

Please help Gary and Ingrid to help the sanctuary.

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