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Billy the Pig

At two-years-old, Billy has already been through so much trauma in his short life. Born blind and with stunted growth, he didn’t have the best start to life. He needed a lot of tender love and affection but instead was subject to terrible neglect. Locked in a tiny shed, with hardly enough room to turn around, Billy was found living waist-deep in his own excrement. As a result, he has excruciatingly painful urine burns and ulcers on his legs and feet making it difficult for him to walk without agonising pain. If he wasn’t rescued, Billy would have been killed for his meat – a final insult to an already tortuous life.

Now, at Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary, Billy is finally receiving the care and attention he deserves and needs. If you were to adopt Billy, your adoption would support his recovery (Billy has frequent visits from vets), and would show him that he is loved, ensuring that he can live out the rest of his life in comfort and happiness.

You can adopt Billy for just £25 (inc p&p) a year. Your pack will include: a letter, personalised A5 certificate, 6x4” colour photo supplied in a cool magnetic frame and one update. Half of your donation will feed and care for him and the other half will go to Viva! UK to help save thousands more lives – animal and human – through campaigns against factory farming. Please allow up to 10 working days for the delivery of your adoption pack.


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