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Fargo the bull

Fargo lives at Schronisko w Korabiewicach animal sanctuary in Poland.

He has been there for years and appreciated the fresh start when Viva! Poland took over in February 2012. His conditions have now improved beyond recognition. Fargo goes entirely against the bull stereotype for despite his enormous size he is a warm and friendly chap. He loves the outdoors and spending time with his dearest friends, Peppa pig and the goats. Fargo would love nothing more than your adoption.

You can adopt Fargo for just £25 (inc p&p) a year. Your pack will include: a letter, personalised A5 certificate, 6x4” colour photo supplied in a cool magnetic frame and one update. Half of your donation will feed and care for him and the other half will go to Viva! UK to help save thousands more lives – animal and human – through campaigns against factory farming. Please allow up to 10 working days for the delivery of your adoption pack.

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  • Fargo the Bull
  • Fargo the Bull
  • Fargo the Bull
  • Fargo the Bull
  • Fargo the Bull


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