Wynne was rescued from the same farm as Billy having been severely neglected and kept in a tiny shed with no room to exercise. Because she was kept in such a confined space, she now has difficulty walking and staying upright.

Wynne also suffers from stress-related seizures which leave her feeling confused and disorientated.

Now she is at Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary, and with your help, her rehabilitation can commence and she can enjoy the stress-free and comfortable life she so deserves. Wynne is an affectionate pig and she adores attention – especially having her belly rubbed and her ears scratched. She follows us around outside, constantly looking for reassurance and love. Please consider adopting her.

You can adopt Wynne for just £25 (inc p&p) a year. Your pack will include: a letter, personalised A5 certificate, 6x4” colour photo supplied in a cool magnetic frame and one update. Half of your donation will feed and care for her and the other half will go to Viva! UK to help save thousands more lives – animal and human – through campaigns against factory farming. Please allow up to 10 working days for the delivery of your adoption pack.


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